About Us

BEC is a professional consulting company. Our primary focus is on the exterior envelope of structures.  Typical structures which BEC has provided services include high-rise, mid-rise, low-rise and one-story facilities. These facilities are utilized by government, commercial, residential and manufacturing entities. Our clients realize the benefits of a proactive approach to preventing moisture intrusion into their facilities. This approach limits the expensive repairs and losses resulting from moisture intrusion to the structure and its contents. The result is the extension of the life cycle of the roofing and waterproofing system and their related costs.

BEC’s staff has extensive experience in all aspects of roofing and waterproofing. We have a continuing education program which puts our staff at the forefront of industry innovations and product advancement. Additional focus is directed at ensuring compliance with ongoing regulatory requirements and industry recommendations.

BEC’s philosophy is to form a partnership of the owner, manufacturer, contractor and our staff, who are all striving for the same goal. That goal is to provide the best possible services and products at an exceptional value, resulting in a successful project. Working together as partners with a vested interest in a successful out come is the best way to achieve that goal. BEC is committed to achieving that goal on every project.