Control Moisture Before It Enters Your Buildings

Proper Identification Of Problems Combined With Professional Design, Project Management, And Quality Control, Is Key To Preventing Moisture Intrusion

BEC provides a level of service to our clients that are unsurpassed. Our staff is comprised of professionals who have been individually involved in the roofing and waterproofing industry for 25 years. They have extensive experience in working with manufacturers and contractors, which will be applied to your projects needs. BEC and its employees are not affiliated with any manufacturer or contractor. We pride ourselves on being dedicated to serving our clients needs to their satisfaction. This is in part accomplished by working as a team with the contractor and manufacturer. Selecting the right products from the right manufacturers and utilizing contractors who have a proven track record are essential to a successful project. Don’t leave your next project in the hands of contractors and manufacturers who are putting their financial interests ahead of yours.


Project Safety

Exterior renovations, whether involving roof or wall renovations, are costly enough without the added cost of accidents. Renovation projects can present a number of hazards to the facility, facility personnel, and the public. Professional planning and development of the project scope, and design documents, combined with detailed coordination with the contractor can eliminate many of the potential problems before they happen. Safety considerations should begin in the early stages of the project development and followed through to the completion of the project.

Project Evaluation, Design and Project Management

and Observation Services

Thorough assessment of the existing conditions of a facility must be undertaken to know the scope of problems and subsequent scope of any renovations or repairs which may be required. BEC can perform the evaluation and prepare a written report of the existing conditions and provide recommended renovation activities. When the scope of renovations and budgets are finalized, bid and construction documents can be developed. We take a conservative approach to design philosophy, ensuring code compliance and specifying only those products which have a proven performance history. The construction documents are non-proprietary and include several manufacturers so competitive pricing will be reflected in the bids. This results in lowered costs to the owner. Pre-selected qualified contractors are invited to provide bids based on the design documents. BEC can review the bids and prepare contracts between the owner and contractor. During the construction phase, BEC can provide complete Project Management and field observation services to ensure the successful completion of and overall quality of the finished work. Our approach minimizes the time involvement of the owner leaving them free to conduct their business activities.

Available Services:

 · Due Diligence Inspections

 · Roof Condition Assessments

 · Waterproofing Investigations

 · Building Envelope Condition Surveys

· Roof Moisture Investigations

· Roofing And Waterproofing Design

· Specifications/Bidding Documents

· Construction Management

· Contract Administration

· Quality Assurance Inspection

· Testing and Analysis

· Roof Asset Management Programs

· Training and Seminars

· Roof Maintenance Inspections

· Design Review